Thigh Exercises For Women

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Thigh ExercisesThere are some women with genetic structures that add more weight on specific areas of their body. There are those who easily accumulate fat on their belly while some have trouble with the fats in their thigh region.

For many women, the most common problem is having excess fat on their thighs. However, with consistent exercise, these fats can be taken care of and eliminated and this can be done by doing regular thigh toning exercises. If you struggle with this problem try doing the following thigh exercises for women on a regular basis:

Cardio Exercises

All cardio exercises are helpful in losing weight and there are those that can actually get rid of fats on the thighs. If you want to slim down in this area of your body, you can start with a jump rope exercise.

Jump rope exercises are very effective as thigh exercises for women when compared to running exercises and can be very beneficial as toning exercises for women. Doing at least 500 jumps daily can surely help you eliminate unwanted fats from this area.

If this is your first time performing jump rope exercises, you can start with 100 to 200 jumps before increasing it gradually as you get used to it. In addition to the core exercises for women that promote overall fitness, there are other activities that you can also engage in, such as cycling, step ups and running exercises that specifically result in thinner thighs.


Squats are considered as the most classic thigh exercises and are also helpful for building strength in this area. If you want to shed fat faster, you can do Hindu squats by doing the following:

- Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width apart

- Slowly move your hands in front of you and then lower your body as if you are in a sitting position.

- Hold this for at least 5 to 10 seconds before slowly going back to your starting position.

- Repeat the same routine 20 times in 2 sets.


Lunges are great leg exercises, especially when it comes to thigh toning as well. This works great for both the inner and the outer thigh, and can provide quick results when done regularly. If you are looking for thigh exercises, make sure that you perform lunges on a daily basis to get rid of the unwanted fats on your thighs. To add intensity to your workout, you can make use of light weights as well. To get started, simply follow these steps:

- Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart.

- Step forward with your left foot while your hands are raised in front of you to keep your balance.

- Slowly lower yourself down until your right knee touches the floor and hold the position for at least 5 to 10 seconds.

- Slowly go back up and do it again for 2 sets with 20 repetitions per set.

These are just some of the leg exercises for women that can be performed in order to get rid of the excess weight on thighs. Take note that if you can perform these exercises regularly combined with regular diet consisting of healthy fats and dietary fiber then you can easily eliminate those fats in the problem area. Along with these thigh exercises, make sure that you also add lots of fruits and greens into your diet. Do not forget to consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water as well, in order to prevent


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